Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Alex, the answers are:

"Not off the face of the earth."
"Unpacking and repacking for Zambia."
"Getting 'summer chores' caught up and researching:
A. What in the world is going on with all the political unrest in Malawi. (Where Becca, Luke and Lyzee are.)
B. The broad scope of "Doing Missions" and doing it in the most effective and God honoring way possible."

The questions have been:
"There are no updates since you left Ethiopia, where have you been?"
"What have you been doing?"
"What have you been dwelling on since you returned?"

Bob and I leave for Zambia tomorrow. I have an additional blog for Cornerstone people HERE,   specifically for that trip. When I get back, I'll continue writing Go Where He Sends You and hope to 'meld' everything I've been doing , thinking, feeling and seeing this summer into some cohesive thoughts.

See you then.

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