Friday, July 15, 2011


So finally as we wait at the Addis airport for the flight home, we again have Internet.

One of the main things that will stay in my mind after this trip will be roads.

In Ethiopia, there are so very many and walking, riding, biking, wheeling, playing, standing, a people. Teams and teams of people. Shopkeepers, peddlers selling everything from gum to videos to livestock. Little old women bent in two carrying 70# worth of limbs across their backs.

Yesterday we drove about three hours south to Hope Ethiopia to visit children there, over an hour on a dirt road through beautiful African countryside. Once there we played with and clothed over 100 children. I was the "pantie queen" and handed out scores of underwear, most of which were not wearing any, so I held it up to them to show them where it would go. They just smiled and smiled. I won't forget one little guy who was wearing the most ragged tee shirt ever and the filthy bottoms of someone's old snowsuit. He droppedmit right there and jumped into his underwear and we helped him get into a new shirt and pants, probably the first new clothes he has ever had! It was so great.

As we traveled these roads we smiled and waved at hundreds of people who must have thought those three white vans topped with bags, was the circus coming to town! We were able to slow down and hand out everything from more underwear to shoes to food and candy. Except for the days my girls got married, I don't think I have ever smiled as much in my life!

As I return home, I am praying that many of the families I know will choose to go down the road to adopting or sponsoring one of these little ones. Each one is someone's child, someone's grandchild, and only by the grace od God, they were not mine- or yours. I found two little girls one one of those roads to help to go to school and get a hot meal everyday. I will share more on them later.

Well, we will board soon, so my road leads home. Back to 'America,' but I think, never the same.


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  2. Chris,
    It was such an amazing trip and I feel so blessed to have served beside you and all the others.
    God's blessings to you and your family.