Monday, July 11, 2011

Sensory Overload

Sunday morning began as I woke up with David Platt in my ear (iPod) admonishing me to tell others the good news of God's eternal adoption. I then held my three CBC roommates audio "hostage" and played his "Share the Word" sermon while we dressed for the day. It was perfect for why we were here.

Went to an international, english speaking Church service. The euthusiaism in which they praised and worshiped was beautiful. The energy and decibel levels made sure no one was going sleep during this service! Again the message used some of the same Matthew verses to go and make disciples.... the Lord was making sure we got the message.

The afternoon was spent at a marketplace where the sites and sounds and smells totally totally took over! The little guys wanting so much to shine your shoes or sell you a map or a belt. The crippled begging, the hungry children, the ragged teens.. The hardest was the young mothers carrying tiny babies in there shawl, telling you there babies were hungry.....and there was't anything you could do. We were warned that even giving a small piece of candy would cause such a stampede, someone would get hurt. After watching the guys play a wild game of soccer in a parking lot, we attempted to leave and the vans were surrounded by people wanting to be given something. I was really hoping that this might be a place for our audio system and Bible stories to shown, but was told it could be dangerous at this stop. 

Sunday evening included watching traditional Ethiopians dancers and food. Again sensory overload, can 't describe it all in print.--I'll try to write more later as I have to go.

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