Saturday, July 9, 2011

Travel, Trials & Times

What an interesting couple of days. Our flights were long but good. 

I had a front row seat to some custom issues with our donations. Most of the 28 in our group were able to get out to the waiting vans, but 3 of the CBC ladies, along with 4-5 others spent about 5 hours watching the Lord work. Had you seen the attitudes of the customs officials from the beginning with there tempers flying as we silently prayed our little hearts out, til the end when they were laughing and cutting up with some of the guys with our group, you would have known that only God could have produced that kind of change!

Trip from the airport to the guest house was fascinating. Three large vans stuffed with donation bags several feet off the roofs. the only thing I have to compare it to was Beriut. Some of the building and construction methods were similar but then there would be homeless lean-tos and neighborhoods made out of pieces of corrugated metal and plastics with odd pieces of wood stacked here or there.

Because of the extended time at the airport, we weren't able to visit the orphanage planned for today so we'll visit two tomorrow. Neighborhood children played ball with some of the team this afternoon, while many of us tried to organize the mountains of items brought to be given out. 

will close for now but I'll try to talk about our visits tomorrow, later on.

Keep praying that the Lord will direct our steps. for our good and His glory.

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